The Roy A. Bordes

Excellence in Security Award

Mr. Paul Patton, CMAS

CSCI Security Group

Mr. Patton was educated at Tarrant County College and Dallas Baptist University. He began his law enforcement career as a police officer in Texas and served in various positions; Criminal Investigations, Special Weapons and Tactics, Narcotics and Patrol. Mr. Patton eventually moved to the private sector, managing intelligence and security operations for various large private interests in the American Southwest. From 1992 to 2002 he served as Senior Security Specialist for a major U.S. commercial air carrier.  In this capacity Mr. Patton personally developed, implemented and directed on a proprietary basis many aviation security consultations, some for other U.S. commercial carriers. Mr. Patton has consulted with private aviation and Fortune 500 companies to help with policies and procedure implementation. Mr. Patton continues to maintain the same cooperative relations with various national and international administrative interests in the aviation business arena, which he assisted in establishing. Mr. Patton continues to receive training in various aspects of aviation security, business security including Cargo and IT Security. Mr. Patton does author and co-author speeches, author articles and conducts security training. Mr. Patton also receives current training in physical security, security operations and personal security.

Mr. Patton has over 25 years experience in law enforcement, security and safety fields.  Mr. Patton has been operating CSCI Security Group, Inc. with major Physical Security consulting projects in California, Florida, New York, Arizona, Washington and Illinois.  These consulting projects have ranged from designing, implementing and consulting for companies with needs in Homeland Security Initiatives, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments, U.S. Customs operations(C-TPAT) and Corporate Security policies and procedures. Mr. Patton has obtained the certification as a Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist with related training for companies and local governments.  Mr. Patton has obtained licenses through the State of Texas Department of Public Safety including Private Investigator, Security Manager, Security Consultant, Licensed Instructor and Security Services Contractor.  Mr. Patton has also been licensed as a Certified Instructor for handguns and instruction of handgun related training certifications.

Mr. Patton has been consulting with cargo logistic and distribution facilities in regards to the many changes which have been implemented by the Transportation Security Administration for the safe passage of cargo on commercial air carriers, ocean and trucking industry.  Mr. Patton is a certified IAC Security Training Coordinator regulated by the Transportation Security Administration, regarding the security training of In-Direct Air Carriers.  Mr. Patton has been chosen to assist in the development and distribution of Military Grade Satellite tracking devices for assets and high value assets while being transported on highway, rail, ocean and air. 

Mr. Patton while operating CSCI Security Group, Inc. has been developing curriculum and assessments for Explosive Recognitions. Mr. Patton has designed, trained employees and purchased x-ray machines for cargo and parcel recognitions in use by Fortune 500 Companies. 

5 Years of Distinguished ATAB Membership

Mr. Faron Burcker, CMAS, CEPS

Ironshadow Protective Services

Mr. Burcker has over 25 years’ experience in the security industry, with 7 years Law Enforcement experience with the Frederick County Maryland Sheriff’s Department.

Mr. Burcker has spent 16 years working in the anti-terrorism/high threat protection field. While working for Blackwater World Wide, Mr. Burcker was a member of the protection detail for Ambassador Paul Bremer, who led the Coalition Provisional Authority following the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the United States, from May 2003 until June 2004. At the conclusion of the Bremer detail, Mr. Burcker returned to Blackwater Training Center and held the position of Program Manager for the Department of State’s High Threat Protection Training Division.  In that position, he was responsible for the training of protection details contracted for protecting U.S Ambassadors operating in high threat areas from June 2004-Sept 2006.

Mr. Burcker also worked with the Department of State’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program as a lead Instructor/team leader. Burcker worked 3 years as a lead instructor and 4 years as a Team Leader for the Department of State’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program focusing on the training and mentoring of foreign governments’ Presidential, Vice Presidential and Prime Ministers’ Protection detail members in the areas of personal security and counter assault team tactics. He has lead these courses in numerous countries including but not limited to Iraq, Kurdistan, Pakistan, Mexico, Turkey, Colombia, Israel, and Palestine. Mr. Burcker helped develop and manage anti-terrorism embed training programs in Colombia, Pakistan and Mexico.  Mr. Burcker also worked as a curriculum writer for the Department of State’s Anti-Terrorism program, writing and updating the VIP Protection/Counter Assault Team Tactics training programs.

Mr. Burcker was Executive Director of Security Operations for ACADEMI Training Center with direct oversight of all private security contracts and managed the Department of State’s Anti-Terrorism CONUS training program contract.

Mr. Burcker has extensive and wide-ranging experience in executive protection for high net worth individuals, celebrities, and senior government officials including ambassadors, congressmen, high profile athletes, and royal family members. His experiences include managing world tours for musicians and traveling shows, leading security teams to over 20 countries to provide close protection and mobile security.

Mr. Burcker has served as the Agent in Charge for a prominent royal family based in the Middle East. During this time, his responsibilities included close protection for all family members, and providing oversight on their security while in the U.S. and abroad.

Mr. Burcker has over 15 years experience working with celebrities, sports athletes, and their families, while on travel to high threat areas all over the world as well as domestically. Mr. Burcker has worked and lead security details all over the world including but not limited to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Greece, Italy, Israel, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, Nigeria, Kenya, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Palestine, Turkey and the Philippines.

Mr. Burcker has conducted numerous security and vulnerability assessments for large corporations, and celebrities which included residences, sporting contests, hotels, and high profile events. He has also managed and organized numerous large event security details for all types of events such as sporting events, concerts, celebrity weddings, nationally-televised awards shows, and executive business and leisure travel.

Mr. Burcker is a subject matter expert with the Department of State and Department of Defense in the areas of personal protection, security driving, counter assault team tactics and defensive tactics, Certified Master Anti-terrorism Specialist (CMAS), Certified Executive Protection Specialist (CEPS), and a Virginia Department of Criminal Justice protection specialist #99281463, and is a licensed security manager in over 10 states.

Mr. Burcker currently holds the position of Vice President of Operations for Ironshadow Protective Services, Inc. in Moyock NC. 

10 Years of Distinguished ATAB Membership and Community Service

Mr. Gene McLean, CMAS

Cytelligence Corporation

Mr. Gene McLean is the Managing Director, Investigations. He also is an advisory Board member at the Cytelligence Corporation.

Mr. McLean joined Cytelligence in 2016, working closely with the President. He is responsible for building, managing, and optimizing strategic relationships with key alliance partners and driving international opportunities, while over seeing the global alliance strategy.

Gene McLean brings over 35 years of relevant experience to Cytelligence and its clients. Mr. McLean is acknowledged internationally for substantive and ground breaking strategies. He specializes in corporate, government and private sector organizations consulting on security , enterprise risk management and Cyber resilience. Gene McLean brings over 35 years of relevant experience and was previously Vice President & Chief Security Officer for TELUS Corporation.

Gene McLean was sworn into the Queens Privy Council and is currently a Member of the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC). SIRC is an independent external review body which reports to Parliament of Canada and provides assurances regarding the legality, reasonableness and necessity of the operations of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

Mr. McLean is a proud recipient of the ATAB Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist Certificate and the Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist Certificate.

Gene McLean is a Life Member of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and an Associate Member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. He maintains a close professional and operational relationship with law enforcement agencies both domestic and international. Gene is a Director, Society for the Policing of Cyberspace (POLCYB), which is a non-profit organization designed to bring together law enforcement, prosecutors, government, universities and corporations to more
effectively prevent cybercrime and deal with digital evidence.

Gene is a Board of Governor for the MacKenzie Institute, an independent think tank, that brings a strategic and pragmatic approach to security matters that affect both domestic and global audiences.

He also holds other Board and Advisory positions. He has completed the academic requirements for the Governance Essentials Program for Directors through the Telfer School of Management.

Mr. McLean was the premier recipient of the Canadian Security ‘Director of the Year’ award. In March 2011 Gene was appointed by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, as an Individual Privacy by Design “Ambassador”.

Gene McLean holds a ‘Top Secret’ security clearance from the Government of Canada.

Mr. McLean’s educational background includes a diploma in Business Management, a Degree in Political Science, and a Degree in Organization Communications as well as other designations and certifications, national and international.

The Staff Sgt. Matthew V. Thompson, CMAS

Counter Terrorism Responder of the Year

Mr. Joe Moore, CMAS, CMEPS

JM Security Risk Consulting

Joe Moore, former President of JM Security Risk Consulting, is a confident Executive Level Security Risk Manager with over 25 year’s industry experience. Joe has proven to be successful at making critical decisions quickly and effectively. In austere environments, where risk mitigation is center-stage, he has been able to meet security challenges calmly and soundly. Joe is adept at making practical, pertinent decisions professionally and competently.

After serving as a US Army Ranger and Paratrooper for 14 years, Joe departed the military to attend Bible College. After graduating, he would spend the next 9 years pastoring in South Carolina. After 911, Joe had the opportunity to begin working within the high-risk security field. In 2004, Joe became the Operations Manager for the U.S. Embassy Security Team with Global Strategies Group in Baghdad, Iraq.

In January of 2006, after Global lost the contract to Armor Group, Joe then accepted the position of Emergency Response Team Lead for the U.S. Embassy Security team in Kabul, Afghanistan. In December of the same year, Joe was hand selected to become the Project Manager for the Justice Project, providing both static and Mobile Security teams for the Department of States International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Division (INL) throughout Afghanistan. This encompassed compound security and Mobile Security Teams for the DEA’a SIU, TIU and NIU units operating in country, the Justice Sector Support Program and the Corrections Sector Support Programs within the State Department.

In 2009, Joe accepted a position as a FOB Security Manager in Southern Afghanistan for Tundra Strategies Group. Joe was then selected to become the Country Manager for Tundra Group and lead all company operations in Afghanistan. These included 12 different US Military installations in Southern Afghanistan, as well as 2 diplomatic missions in Kabul, where Executive Protection Teams and static security forces provided security for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Finland.

Joe resigned from the position of Country Manager with Tundra Group in 2013 to accept a position as the Security Manager (South) for WesternZagros, and International Oil and Gas Company operating in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. In 2014, Joe was selected by WesternZagros to become their Business Services Manager for Kurdistan and served in that position until the company suspended operations in the region due to the conflict with ISIS.

Joe has most recently been working for the US Postal Service, and has recently completed work on developing a program entitled Safe Church 24/7. In this program, Joe has been able to merge both the years of experience gained within the security industry, as well as his knowledge of Church operations, to make available a common sense security program to ministries.
Joe holds the Bachelor of Theology, Master of Ministry, Master of Theology, Executive Master of Business Administration, and the Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership degrees. Joe’s greatest accomplishment is being the Husband of his wife Kim, father of three great kids, Jennifer, Rachael and Joshua, and grandfather of 8 terrific grandchildren."  

Distinguished Service Award

Master Sergent John M. Martinez, CMAS

United States Marine Corp

Master Sergeant Martinez was born in Brooklyn, New York.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps in September of 1993 and attended recruit training at MCRD Parris Island, South Carolina.  Upon completion with a meritorious promotion to PFC he received training at the School of Infantry, at Camp Geiger in where he received the MOS 0341, Mortarman.

Following the School of Infantry, MSgt Martinez reported to Rifle Security Company Windward, Marine Barracks Security Forces Guantanamo Bay Cuba.  While there deployed to Haiti in support of the USSS for a Presidential Visit and deployed aboard USCG Ships to conduct counter drugs operations with the DEA in the Caribbean.

April 1995, Master Sergeant Martinez was reassigned to 3rd Battalion 6th Marines.  He served as a 60mm mortar section leader.

In April 1996, Master Sergeant Martinez received orders to the School of Infantry East to serve as a Weapons Instructor for Marine Combat Training Battalion. 

October of 1998, Master Sergeant Martinez was reassigned to Inspector Instructor Staff TOW Plt. 23RD Marines Lafayette, Louisiana.  There he served as a section leader for a TOW Section.  In 2001, MSgt Martinez was chosen as Non Commissioned Officer of the Year for the 4th Marine Division.  Additionally, MSgt Martinez was chosen Citizen of the Year for the City of Lafayette, and as Citizen of the Year for the State of Louisiana.

In December 2001, Master Sergeant Martinez was assigned to 1st Battalion 6th Marines.  While assigned to 1/6 he completed a deployment to Okinawa, Japan.  He was then reassigned as a Platoon Sergeant for a Combined Anti Armor Team (CAAT) as part of the 22nd MEU.  In 2004 MSgt Martinez deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom OEF.

November 2004, Master Sergeant Martinez was transferred to HQBN, HQMC.  After only six months at HQBN HQMC Arlington, Virginia, the Chief of Naval Operation, Admiral Mullen, hand selected MSgt Martinez to become a member of his Personal Security Team.  MSgt Martinez was selected to represent the Marine Corps at the State of the Union address by the President of the United States in 2004.

May of 2006, MSgt Martinez transferred to The Basic School.  There he served as a Platoon Sergeant for Weapons Platoon, for Combat Instructor Company and Company Gunny for Student Companies. 

In June 2009, MSgt Martinez was transferred to 1st Battalion 3rd Marines.  There he served as the HS Company Gunnery Sergeant until I was selected a few months later to my current rank and then was moved over to 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines where I was the assistant Battalion Operations Chief until I left in April 2010. 

April 2010, Master Sergeant Martinez was transferred to HQBN MCBH.  There he served as the Range OIC and Range Chief for the Installation.

June 2012, Master Sergeant Martinez was transferred to Marine Forces Pacific Command.  There he served as the G3 Training Chief and then the G3 Operations Chief. 

 April 2014, Master Sergeant Martinez was transferred to The School of Infantry West and assumed his current duties at the Assistant Regimental Operations Chief.

Master Sergeant Martinez personal decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal, the  Navy Commendation Medal and two gold stars in lieu of third award, the  Navy Achievement Medal and four gold stars in lieu of fifth awards, Combat Action Ribbon, the Humanitarian Service Medal, the Volunteer Service Medal and (2) National Defense Medals.

As with many warriors Master Sergent Martinez humbly understates his accomplishments and service.  It is our experience that in the keeping of the Marine Corp traditions MSG Martinez is a true credit to the United States and to the Marines that are under his care.  We truely honor him for his sacrifice and dedication to his fellow Marines.

 Master Sergeant Martinez and his wife Brandi have 3children, Madison, Hunter and Dash.

The Petty Officer 1st Class Charles H. Keating IV, CMAS

Legion Of Exceptional Merit Award

Mr. Christopher Rupp, CMAS, MSM, PSM

KBR Incorporated

Prior to assuming his current position as Senior Investigator at KBR Inc. in July, Chris is a recently retired U.S. Navy Security Officer of 20+ years now working in the private sector. His professional career includes extensive experience in law enforcement, anti-terrorism, physical security, maritime operations & global security and investigations. Chris’ professional business resume includes positions held as Director of Security Training and Evaluation, Chief Security Officer, Chief of Police, Director of Operations, Criminal Investigator, Physical Security Manager, Maritime Security Manager, Anti-Terrorism Officer & Training Supervisor, Training Manager & Curriculum Developer, Weapons & Use of Force Instructor, and Patrol Officer.

Chris's global experience in both law enforcement and security has established himself the necessary skills to implement strategic security strategies to protect any organization, their assets, and its people. His skills as the Director of Training and Evaluation provided policy, training and planning solutions for 2500+ military and private security professionals operating in conventional and maritime security environment’s globally.

Chris’s Anti-Terrorism expertise has propelled him from home to abroad to over 25+ countries on 6 continents to execute or assist in several “soft” and “overt” layered security and logistics operations in support of national security strategies such as the global war on terror, anti-piracy and counter-drug operations, non-government organizations & private enterprise support and humanitarian and disaster relief efforts to include the Haitian and Pakistan earthquake recovery operations.

Chris’s is one of a few highly skilled, experienced, and educated security professionals specializing in all area risk management, physical security, and maritime security. His diverse technical skill base makes him a wanted & sought-after resource in today’s private sector. Chris is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, a supporter of ATAB having completed his CAS, CMAS, PSM and MSM while being an active member of ATAB's Physical Security committee and is in the process of developing advanced physical security curriculum to address the current terrorist risk facing businesses today. Chris also holds certifications from the U.S. Department of Labor as a Journeyman Master of Homeland Security, Security Specialist and Government Police Officer.

His professional affiliations include the FBI National Academy Associates, International Association of Chiefs of Police, International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association. He holds a Master’s degree in Security Management, Graduate studies completed in Criminal Justice Education, and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

Chris has transitioned into the private sector in Houston, Texas offering unique security expertise, training, and analysis. Chris may be reached by email:, by phone at 979-551-0831 or on LinkedIn:

The David E. Hare, CMAS, CGMEAS

Lifetime Distinguished Service and Membership Award

Mr. Raffaele Di Giorgio, CMAS, CMEPS

Global Options & Solutions

Raffaele Di Giorgio is an experienced professional protector with 30 years of personal security, law enforcement, protection and emergency medical services experience. Raffaele has dedicated his life to the protection of others.

Raffaele is co-owner and CEO of Global Options & Solutions, a company that provides protection and medical consulting services globally.

Following an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, Raffaele spent time as a Law Enforcement Officer before transitioning into international protective and medical services. Raffaele has worked in complex environments throughout the U.S., Afghanistan, Iraq, Kurdistan, Africa, Jordan, Pakistan, Italy, and Mexico.

As a thought leader in the industry Raffaele’s career in protection and tactical medicine has led him to roles instructing and mentoring a wide variety of candidates, including but not limited to the Various special operations units within the U.S. federal government, US Department of Defense, US Department of State,  Presidential Protection Detail in Mexico; the Iraqi National Emergency Response Unit; Iraqi Diplomatic Protection Unit members/medics; South African Military, Afghanistan National Police, Jordan Special Protection Group units, Yemen Protection units and Pakistani Police units.

Raffaele is a mentor, instructor, and a field operations specialist. When not actively engaged in teaching, Raffaele stays active in the field at various operational levels, providing government agencies with protection and medical services throughout the world, including the provision of support to cabinet and ambassadorial level protection details in high threat and non-permissive environments.

Raffaele is an accomplished instructor and team leader for the US Department of State on their Global Anti-terrorism (GATA) and counter-terrorism programs, Worldwide Protection Services (WPS) as well as their Civilian Police Assistance Training Team, (CPATT). US Government agencies rely on Raffaele and Global Options and Solutions for subject matter expertise and senior instructor support in VIP-Protection (VIP-P), VIP Protection - Tactical Support Team (TST), Protection of National Leaders (PNL), Protection of National Leaders-Mentor (PNL-M), Protection of National Leaders (PNL)- Tactical Support Team (TST), Instructor Development Course (IDC), Explosive Incidents Countermeasures (EIC), Crisis Response Team (CRT) and Advanced Crisis Response Team (ACRT).

Raffaele is also a standing member of several associations that promote professionalism and higher standards in both the protection and the medical fields to include the  Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board(ATAB) Certified Master Executive Protection Specialist (CMEPS) Original Executive Protection Committee Member, Diplomatic Security Special Agents Association (DSSAA), International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) Military/Tactical Affairs Committee Member (2009-2014).

Raffaele’s book, “Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Responders: For Both the Individuals and Agencies” is #1 national best seller and international best seller.

Raffaele is a sought-after author, lecturer, instructor and mentor; providing services throughout the world.

If you require Raffaele's unique expertise and extraordinary experience, Raffaele may be reached at or at (866) 734-8184. or

2017 Annual Awards

Honoring ATAB Members that have distinguished themselves in their field

                      Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board


Lance Bolton, CAS, CMAS, CFCE

 Lance Bolton, CMAS has spent his career on the financial intelligence side of the counter-terrorism world.  He has worked in conjunction with U.S., Israeli, English, Canadian, Philippians, French, Columbian, and Hong Kong intelligence and Military Special Ops units in locating and tracking illegal funds around the world.  Every terror organization requires funds to operate.  Mr. Bolton uses his skills, cunning and “Think Outside the Box” ideas to deprive terror organizations around the world of their assets and locate their benefactors.  He had a behind-the-scenes role in most of the major intelligence operations of the 80s, 90s and 2000s.

Currently, Mr. Bolton has been assigned the arduous task of locating and tracking terrorist funding including numerous Hawala funding organizations and locations transferring funds between the Middle East, Australia, Asia, and North America.  His expertise and knowledge have proved immeasurable in the success of this multinational operation.   His efforts have advanced multiple investigations revealing hundreds of participants as well as tracking the recipients of said funds.  His efforts exposed the connection between the off-system funding networks and their access to the standard international financial system.  His efforts have brought to light the networks and actions of many fraudulent financial transactions as well as exposing the funding operations of human traffickers and money launders. 

In the past 17 years, ATAB has had the benefit of Mr. Bolton’s experience and expertise.  He has become an essential part of the ATAB Training Committee.  Lance while serving on the ATAB Training Committee has developed financial terrorism training programs and is working on the Fraud and Financial Crimes program to be completed this summer.  He holds the ATAB Financial Crimes Examiner Certification.

 Mr. Bolton in his intelligence career has been an integral part of dozens of past and current investigative task with locating and tracking questionable and terrorist funds.  Some of the declassified activities that he has been involved with include being assigned to infiltrate several tier-one families.  His work along with the Federal Reserve in NY resulted in the closing of BCCI.

Mr. Bolton set up an elaborate scenario to entice the movement of Libya's leader Muammar Gaddafi’s10+B of funds into the free zone.  Helped analyze and categorize the 17k people tied to Gaddafi’s money to effect their removal or educating while linking parts of the junk bond market into connection.

He set up a multilevel operation in LA to entice the Syndicate of the Japanese 10 year 10% non-callable CD's into play.  This caused the demise of Japans largest trading company while acquiring the originals of several of the multi Trillion notes issued by the Japanese to affect the flood of credits on Yen that threatened the dollar.  This forced the Japanese banks into compliance, resulting in the loss of 10 years.

Exposed and shut down numerous gold and money laundering operations over a 15-year period resulting in the conviction and confiscation of billions of dollars.  He assisted in acquiring hundreds of original and fraudulent AU certificates, isolating many of the master certificates. These actions allowed for the wholesale control of AU and Platinum deposits worldwide. 

Assigned to infiltrate the S&L world and worked through the Resolution Trust to attain many of the key indictments of that period.  He was then assigned to assist in the hedging up the 737B shortfall left by the crisis. 

While working with a “Money Laundering” Task Force he was responsible for making contract with bankers and drug cartel members to convince them to exchanged commercially backed T bills in exchange for endless amounts of moneys acquired through dubious means by families in US, Mexico and Columbia.  In this method, the drug dealers brought the money in to authorities saving the expense and man hours to track down the multiple bank accounts and cash hiding locations.  The funds were then confiscated, rather then having to track down the cash and accounts individually.

Mr. Bolton played a key roll in the tracking and removal of members of Arafat's and Carlo's 42 key personnel, opening the door for Arafat’s Nobel Prize. 

Central in Gerry Adam's the president of Sinn Fein, window to meet the president and assisted with the results. 

He acquired the information necessary to convince President Bush Sr. to stand down the head of the coalition and place Schwarzkopf and Powell in command.

Mr. Bolton was integral in the operation that set off the coup in Algeria while restructuring their Central Bank's mechanisms to facilitate the pending shortfall of 28 +B left by the AU-coined backed German Bonds that were to be demonetized at his suggestion. This along with several other generated situations gave our enemies the confidence to ship the 4.5 mts of weapons-grade material down the tip of the Red Sea to where we were able to acquire it. 

In his 30-year career, he has targeted and removed or jailed a number of terrorists including one currently on the top 20 list.

His work with the Corruption and Crime Commission helped shut down corruption in Australia resulting in the isolation and removal of a number of Ministers, law enforcement and Political figures.